Books Best Read in the Dark

I have very fond memories of reading Goosebumps as a fourth grader. On Fridays after school, my best friend and I would go to Scott's Bookstore and run straight back to the corner where the Goosebumps were. He'd buy three and I'd buy three, and then we'd stay up all night, each reading all six (and each getting all eighteen accelerated reader points come Monday). I especially remember reading A Night in Terror Tower while listening to Oasis's "Wonderwall" on repeat; to nine-year-old me, the song and the book seemed to be sad in the same way.

In 2010, I fulfilled a lifelong dream by working with R.L. Stine on a collection of horror stories called Fear. I asked him about A Night in Terror Tower, and he was instantly able to recall all the details of that book, along with the research process. Truly. Now, this page from the October 2014 Scholastic Book Clubs catalog for fourth graders fulfills another lifelong dream--my own book is right there in the corner with the Goosebumps. Happy up-all-night reading.